"A once-in-a-lifetime journey to one of the most rugged and remote locations in the world brings the author face to face with the one true wild horse breed left."

Into the Wild

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The Chronicle of the horse untacked

"Dr. Engle talks about his communication with the horses he treats, the miracles he experiences... and, of course, about his amazing wife for almost 25 years, super star show jumping veteran Margie Engle."

Dr. Steve Engle: “I get to witness miracles almost every day”


"In a prank that was definitely epic and hilarious, Cox took streaking to a new level by riding into the ring at the Capital Centre completely naked, riding bareback, and with a pumpkin on his head."

An epic horsey Halloween prank back in the day


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No matter where in the world we met, new ideas were born, unknown people were introduced to each other and great projects would get started.

Where are they now? Stars from the Spy Coast Farm Developing
Jumpers Make Good on Early Promise

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Top industry professionals share their thoughts about competing horses barefoot

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Dutch Horse Trading — June, 2022 Auction

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